What is MMADpay?
MMADpay is a Payment Gateway Solutions Company with innovative & “Trend Setting” Solutions for various business categories. MMADpay recognizes the potential in the online payment industry and is committed to offering world-class payment gateway products and solutions to various merchants and emerging eCommerce industries in India/APAC, US, UK & UAE

How do I get started?
The SignUp process is extremely easy. You can register on our dashboard at: www.pg.mmadpay.com/crm/jsp/merchantSignup, fill in the required details and your account will be created instantly. You can then upload the necessary documents to your account. We will verify your documents and get approval for the same from our partner banks asap. After that, you can start accepting online payments.

What all documents are required for the verification process?
Upon signing up, you will get to see the list of required documents as per your company type.

What are the requirements for the website review process?
Your website should have a clear explanation of the products/services offered, fees, returns/cancellation/refund policy, and privacy policy.

Products and Services

What all payment methods do you offer?
MMADpay supports all transactions originating from any device or channel like Computer, Mobile, SMS, and IVRS. We currently support the following payment methods:
Credit Cards – Visa, Master Card, RuPay, Amex, Diners
Debit Cards – Visa, Master Card, Maestro, RuPay, and 50+ Debit Cards processed that include prominent Banks.
Net Banking – 30+ Net Banking options of preferred banks in India & more banks being added on a regular basis.
Mobile Wallets – MMADpay offers merchant-specific closed wallet solutions that allow your customers to pay by money on the move.

Can I have my customers pay on my website without being redirected?
Yes, we can help you with that! Using our advanced yet easy-to-implement API integrations, you can have your customers pay on your own website. Contact us (link to the contact us page) now to know more.

Which all eCommerce platforms do you support?
MMADpay offers plug and play kit for your developer to integrate the payment system with your website. We support all leading shopping carts like Magento, phpCart, WHMCH, WordPress, Zencart .net, and many more.

Do you support mobile devices and/or handle mobile payments?
Yes, we do! MMADpay supports transactions originating from any device like mobile, tablet, or phablet. In addition to this, MMADpay pay offers advanced mobile payment applications as well. Contact us (link to the contact us page) now to know more.

Are there any downtimes?
No, as MMADpay offers smart processing capabilities with practically no downtime whatsoever.

How do you handle failed or declined transactions?
Customers get a “Retry” option in case the transaction fails due to any reason so that they can try again or use another card. As a merchant, you get a notification as well as real-time reporting tools to manage and follow up with your customers with failed transaction attempts.

What is the settlement timeframe?
Payments for your Debit or Credit Card transactions will be settled as per T+2 policy from our end, i.e.:- On 2nd Banking day after the transaction is captured.

Whom do I contact for my existing services or for technical support issues?
MMADpay is committed to offering unparalleled client support services. You can contact your assigned sales representative or relationship manager at any time. Alternatively, just send an email to care@mmadpay.com and we will get in touch with you asap.

Payment Security and Company Policies

Are you PCI-compliant?
Yes, MMADpay is a PCI DSS Level 1 certified Organization, which is the highest level of certification by PCI. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is an open global forum, launched in 2006. It offers security standard certification for organizations that handle payment card processing across the globe. It certifies solution providers and sites that comply with its strict security controls by doing a yearly audit of its systems, company policies, infrastructure & hardware.

Is it necessary that my business be PCI compliant in order to use MMADpay?
No, not necessarily. We offer a variety of payment gateway solutions to handle all your payments safely on your behalf.

What are MMADpay’s terms of usage?
Please visit: www.mmadpay.com/terms-of-use.htm

What are MMADpay’s privacy policies?
Please visit: www.mmadpay.com/privacy-policy.htm