Why MMADpay?

1. Increase Conversion on the website by using Advanced Technology
Increase your online sales conversion by 10-12% through MMADpay’s advanced technology and features like detailed Transaction analytics, retry option,verify Transactions for customers to make quick payments,faster checkout, mobile payments and much more.

2. Global Payments Methods
Now receive online payments from all over the world with our partner banks in the UK, UAE and Bangladesh. With MMADpay as a payment processor you can sell your products and services globally, in local currency with easy, fast and smooth checkout process. So start selling globally today.

3. Better User Experience
With MMADpay, you can customize your payment page and make it look like your website page. Or collect the card details on your page with our faster checkout page. This helps your loyal customers to do quick checkout, make faster transactions which increases your overall customer retention and Conversions.

4. Aggressive Pricing
Start collecting online payments with ZERO Security Deposit. MMADpayoffers tailored solutions which can help you set up your business online while collecting payments online and offline.

5. Easy Integration
MMADpay offers plug and play kit for your developer to integrate payment system with your website. We support all leading shopping carts like Magento, phpCart, WHMCH, WordPress, Zencart .net, and more.

6. InHouse-Risk Management
Our Risk Management Tools tracks every transactions and give real-time results incase of frauds. Risk-management tool has features like email address check,mobile number check,IP address tracking,Device id identifications,BINs validations etc.